Medical, Food & Beverage, telecom, automotive, aerospace, construction, recreational, toys and much more.


Our business model has allowed us the flexibility to deliver customized niche products for high volume use in an international market. UPM’s specialty is running high volume extruded rod on specialized CNC machines which are capable to manufacture up to 5,000 parts a day per machine.

Quality and Service

By investing in equipment, tooling and machinery UPM ensures better process but also gives customers quality product and service every time.


UPM prides itself on its ability to produce parts from a broad range of materials and sizes, custom plastic extruded rod and tube is what’s taking shape the most at UPM.
Imagination, creativity, innovation, production, delivery is how United Precision Machining began taking shape in specializing in the custom manufacturing of extruded rod & tubing. Our specialty is machining extruded rod & tubing from .125” - .625” diameter. Our capabilities are endless on what we can do with our CNC machinery.


UPM’s parts have been applied to many industries which include Medical, Food and Beverage, Telecom, Auto, Aerospace, construction and recreational.


Although UPM has specialized in a variety of extruded materials, we are also capable to machine and manufacture the the following materials:

ABS, acetal, acrylic, aluminum, brass, CRS, delrin, ertalyte, kydex, kynar, lexan, makrolon, nylon, peek, PET, PTFE, PVDF, polycarb, PVC, stainless steel, Teflon, UHMW, ultem.


1. We will reduce cost from buying material to machining the part UPM will save you money that can add up to thousands of dollars/part.
2. Delivery – UPM has an excellent on time delivery record
3. Quality – UPM has had an “excellent” rating with all customers.
4. Service – service is the number one priority at UPM, we will go above and beyond what our customers expect.
5. History – UPM has been in business since 1989, therefore we have the experience necessary to get your job done.

When precision and cost are equally important, choose UPM. We’ve been in business since 1989 and have been able to cut customers cost on parts along with excellent quality and delivery. Call or email UPM to discuss how we can put our skills to work for you.